It was 3 am in Seattle and Jackson kept starring at the ceiling in his bedroom, unable to fall asleep. Cristina's plane was supposed to land in London about four hours ago and he was anxiously waiting for her to call him. He knew it may take her a while to get to the hotel, but four hours was a long time and he was getting worried. He was just about to find a phone number to the hotel to find out what was going on, when his cell phone started buzzing on the night stand.

"Hello?" he replied as quickly as he could.

"Hey, Jackson, it's me," Cristina said in a sleepy voice, rubbing her eyes.

"Oh, thank God." Jackson let out a sigh of relief when he heard Cristina's voice. "I was getting worried when you didn't call. Is everything all right?"

"Yeah, everything's fine. I'm sorry for scaring you. I was so tired when I got to the hotel room so I lay on the bed, thinking nothing would happen if I closed my eyes for a few seconds before calling you, but I fell asleep," she said apologetically. She really didn't want to scare Jackson and she couldn't wait to talk to him again, but her tiredness was stronger. "But how come you picked up so quickly? It's like 3 am in Seattle. Aren't you sleeping?"

"How could I sleep when I didn't know whether you're alright?" Jackson asked with a chuckle, trying to lighten up the situation. A few minutes ago, he was really worried but now everything was good again. Or at least as good as it could be when his girlfriend was on a different continent than he was.

"Sorry about that."

"No, it's okay. Don't worry about it anymore. I'm just glad you're safe," Jackson reassured her. He didn't want her to feel guilty for something as trivial as being tired after spending so much time on a plane. "So how was the flight?"

"Ugh, long. And uncomfortable." Cristina sighed as she remembered the flight to London. It had been such a long time since she traveled so far and she had forgotten how horrible those long flights could be. "I'm so tired, but it's like noon here so if I go to sleep I'll be even more jet lagged than I already am." She groaned, wondering whether she should sleep some more or just get through the day despite being tired.

"I wish I was there with you," Jackson said with a sigh. Cristina had barely left and he already missed her like crazy. He had no idea how he could survive half a year without her. "I would get you some food and then I would cuddle you while you took a nap."

"I wish you were here too," Cristina whispered with sadness in her voice. She missed Jackson a lot and she hoped during the time she was going to be away she would keep herself occupied with her work, but she knew that she was also going to have a lot of free time that she will just spend missing him. "And not just because my stomach is growling really badly."

"I guess you should go grab some food then. It may not be as good as the food I cook for you, but I don't want you starve."

"We'll see about that." Cristina laughed. She had to admit that Jackson's cooking was indeed wonderful, but she hoped that the food in European hotels where she was going to eat for the next few months would be at least as good. "And you should get some sleep."

"Yeah I guess that would be a good idea. Talk to you later?" Jackson asked, looking forward the next time he was going to talk to Cristina.

"Sure. I'll call you in the evening," she replied, quickly counting in her head when would be the ideal time to call Jackson. She hated how complicated the time difference made things, but she couldn't do anything about it.

"I'll be looking forward to it."

"Me too." Cristina smiled. "Good night. I love you."

"I love you too," he whispered and hung up. Hopefully now he could finally get to sleep.

"Can you hear me?" Jackson asked instead of saying hello after he finally managed to start a Skype call with Cristina. He had been trying to set it up for the last half an hour but for some reason he kept failing.

"I can hear you but I can't see your pretty face." Cristina giggled. She knew that Jackson wasn't all that into technology but she didn't expect him to take so long to make a simple Skype call. It had been two days since she arrived to London and so far she and Jackson only talked through phone so she was excited to see his face again.

"I'm working on it," Jackson said with his tongue stuck out a little as he browsed through the program's settings clicking on random buttons he didn't understand and hoping one of them would do what he wanted it to do. Cristina offered to help him, but he insisted that it couldn't be so hard and he could do it on his own. But the program seemed more complicated than he first thought. He kept trying different setting when suddenly his face popped out at the bottom of the screen and his lips curled into a wide grin. "I told you I could do it on my own."

"It was about time. I was getting worried that your stubbornness wouldn't allow me to see you in the following six months at all." She stuck out her tongue at him, teasing him some more, but on the inside she was more than happy that she could finally see him. After all it was the closest interaction they could have in the next few months.

"Don't worry I wouldn't do that to you." Jackson winked at her. He was also really happy to be able to see Cristina. Even though it was only through web camera. But at least it made him feel like they weren't thousands of miles away from each other. He still felt a little bad and selfish for choosing his work instead of going to Europe with Cristina but they both decided that it was something they had to do for their careers. Even though it wasn't easy for their relationship. "Is that my shirt?" Jackson asked all of sudden when he caught a glimpse of the oversized grey shirt that Cristina was wearing.

"Well..." Cristina's face turned red when she realized she was still wearing Jackson's college shirt over her pajamas. She didn't want him to know she took it with her so it would make her feel like he was there with her. It was too cheesy. And Cristina didn't do cheesy things. But earlier that evening she felt a bit lonely and as weird as it sounded, putting on Jackson's shirt made her feel a little bit better. So she was glad she took it with her after all. But she still felt a little embarrassed that Jackson found out about it.

"It's cute." Jackson smiled. He could see that Cristina seemed a little embarrassed, but he found that adorable. "Actually I miss the times when you were wearing my clothes all the time."

"Well it was your idea that I start leaving my stuff at your place." Cristina grinned at him as she remembered the day they had the conversation.

3 months ago

"Good morning, beautiful," Jackson said with a smile when he entered his kitchen and pressed a soft kiss to Cristina's lips. It was one of the many times that Cristina spent at his place, but it felt just as amazing as the first time.

"Good morning." Cristina smiled back at him. She always used to be quite grumpy and quiet in the morning, sending death stares to anyone who tried to talk to her, but falling asleep and waking up in Jackson's arms did wonders to her. Or perhaps his bed was just more comfortable than hers. "I made you coffee." She pointed to the cup on the kitchen counter.

"Why, thank you," Jackson said and took a sip of his coffee before pouring some cereal and milk in a bowl and joining Cristina at the table.

They had been sitting quietly for a few minutes, enjoying their morning coffee and breakfast, when Cristina noticed a playful smirk on Jackson's face as he stared at her. "Do I have something on my face?" she asked, wondering why was Jackson looking at her like that.

"No, you look gorgeous," he replied and Cristina felt a slight blush creep up her cheeks. She had never been the kind of woman who would blush easily, but she had also never had a boyfriend that would compliment her like Jackson did. "I'm just thinking."

"About… me?" she asked hesitantly.

"Yeah." Jackson nodded. "I was just thinking about how hot you look when you wear my T-shirts." He grinned. "And it's not just because it reveals so much of your beautiful legs," he added with laugh.

"Stop it." Cristina smacked his arm playfully, knowing that her face must've been bright red by now. Even though Jackson had been complimenting her all the time she still hadn't gotten used to it. "That is already way too many compliments for one morning."

"Well it's true." He shrugged and gave her a beaming smile. "But even though I really enjoy you wearing my clothes have you thought of… maybe… leaving some of your stuff here?" Jackson asked nervously, hoping Cristina understood what he was trying to tell her and that she didn't feel like he was pushing her too much. He knew they hadn't been dating for too long and he was worried he would do something stupid and ruin their relationship, but at the same time he felt like it was time to take this step. Especially since Cristina seemed so comfortable in his apartment and spent a lot of time there.

"Are you asking me to bring some of my stuff into your apartment?" Cristina asked a bit surprised, but also pleased. This wasn't the first time that leaving some of her things at Jackson's place crossed her mind. After all it seemed like she spent more time there than in her own apartment. But she assumed it might be a little too soon to bring up this topic so she kept it to herself. At least until know.

"Only if you agree," Jackson said, trying to let Cristina know that he wasn't pushing her into anything. As much as he wanted her to agree.

"Well…" Cristina made a dramatic pause. "Why not?" She shrugged her shoulders and gave Jackson a big smile.

"So you agree?" Jackson asked a little surprised. He was quite nervous about asking Cristina, but it went much easier than he expected.

"Of course. How could I say no to a man who gives me so many compliments?" She laughed. "I was actually thinking about it myself, but I waited for you to suggest it. I don't want to seem so pushy. After all this is your apartment."

"I had no idea. I was so nervous because I didn't want it to seem like I was pushing you into that if you weren't ready. I love having you here as much as I can," Jackson said and took Cristina's hand in his, giving it a small kiss before looking up again with a wide smile.

"Well you don't have to be afraid anymore because I'm totally ready." Cristina smiled back at him. If a couple of months ago someone told her that she would be moving some of her stuff to her boyfriend's apartment after only dating for four months, she would laugh. But for some reason with Jackson everything seemed so much easier. "I've been spending a lot of time here lately and I hate when I'm sleeping over but then have to get up earlier to go home and get changed. We could use that time to do something more fun." She winked at him and Jackson laughed.

"We definitely could."

"Well it was a pretty good idea," Jackson said with laugh. "But I was so nervous about asking you."

"It gave us time for some more entertaining activities." Cristina bit her bottom lip, smirking at Jackson. "Much more entertaining." She knew that teasing Jackson like this when she knew they wouldn't be able to touch each other for months was cruel, but she couldn't help it. They could talk every day, see each other through camera or exchange pictures, but there was one thing they couldn't do. They couldn't touch each other and Cristina knew it was going to drive her crazy. It had only been less than three days but she already missed his lips on hers, his hands roaming over her body and his smell that would soon disappear from that shirt she brought with her. Of course that wasn't all their relationship was about, but just feeling Jackson close to her always made Cristina feel much better.

"So how was your day?" Jackson asked, pulling Cristina out of her thoughts.

"It was great," she replied with a genuine smile, trying to push the thoughts about how much she missed Jackson away and enjoying the time she could spend with him. Because seeing each other through a webcamera was better than not seeing each other at all. And at the moment it would have to be enough.