"Happy birthday," Jackson said with a smile, before lifting Cristina in his arms and pressing their lips together in a long passionate kiss. It had only been about three months since they last kissed at the airport, but to Jackson it felt like eternity.

After their lips finally separated again, Jackson put Cristina back on her feet. He noticed little tears in the corners of her eyes, but he didn't say anything and just smiled before pulling her closer to him and giving her a tight hug.

"Wh- what are you doing here?" Cristina asked with a trembling voice and still couldn't believe that Jackson was actually there. Just a few minutes ago she was worried he wanted to break up with her and now he was holding her tightly in his arms again like she never left. Suddenly the need to ask him all the questions about why he was so distant lately and why he hadn't spoken to her at all in the past few days disappeared. They were not important. Not now at least. All she wanted to do at the moment was to be close to him. As close as physically possible.

"I missed you too much and I couldn't stay away from you any longer," he replied with smile, acting as if coming to see Cristina only took him five minutes. But to him it didn't matter whether she was next door or on the other side of the world. Once he decided to see her, nothing would stop him. "Besides, nobody should spend their birthday alone."

"Well in that case you made it just in time." Cristina laughed as she glanced at the clock on the bedside table that showed it was almost midnight.

"Then I shouldn't waste another second." Jackson winked at her and lifted her in his arms again. Cristina squealed and laughed as she tightened her arms around Jackson's neck while he carried her towards the bed. They missed each other so much they were unable to put it into words. But there was no need for words now. They spent months only talking and not being able to touch each other as they both wanted so much. So now was finally the time to make up for that.

There was no much need of foreplay since they were both extremely aroused from the moment their lips met again. They quickly stripped each other, separating their lips only when it was completely necessary, while their hands wandered over each other bodies, touching and stroking all the right places. As the last piece of clothing hit the floor, Jackson spread Cristina's legs and quickly entered her, making them both gasp at the same time. In the past few weeks they had spent so much time fantasizing about what it was going to be like once they were going to be together again but the reality was even better. And even hotter.

The next few minutes were filled with silent groans and sweet whispers but also with loud moans and screams full of pleasure. All their emotions coming out in series of satisfied noises.

It didn't take too long before they both climaxed, collapsing next to each other, covered with sweat and silly smiles on their faces as if they were two teenagers that slept together for the first time.

"God, I didn't even realize how much I needed this," Cristina said, still trying to catch her breath as she rolled to her side, supporting her head with her hand.

"Me neither." Jackson smiled and stuck one of Cristina's curls behind her ear, before leaning over and softly kissing her. "But that's not the only reason I'm here."

"Speaking of which," Cristina started as she pulled up the blanket up to her chest and sat up. "How come you're here and I had no clue you were coming until I opened the door and saw you standing there." She motioned her hand towards the door, still not believing it happened just a couple of minutes ago. Less than an hour ago she was talking to Meredith on the verge of crying because she thought Jackson wanted to break up with her. And now he was lying next to her like nothing ever happened. And while Cristina was beyond happy about her boyfriend being with her again, she still didn't understand what exactly happened.

"I told you. I missed you. And I thought you shouldn't be alone on your birthday." Jackson shrugged his shoulders as if travelling half way across the world to see his girlfriend was the simplest thing he could do for her.

"But… How? And when? Why didn't you let me know? Do you have any what was going on in my head when you didn't talk to me for two days? I thought you wanted to break up with me," Cristina said, not being satisfied with Jackson's answer. Sure, she was happy that he came, but there were way too many questions that were still occupying her mind and she wouldn't stop nagging him about it until he answered them all.

"I… I never realized that. I wanted to surprise you for your birthday. I was making some last minute arrangements so I could leave and I knew you would see there is something going on so instead of lying to you I thought I just wouldn't talk to you for a few days. I'm so sorry it made you think that I wanted to break up with you. I would never do that. I love you way too much and I hope you know it," Jackson said apologetically and pulled Cristina closer to him, wrapping his arms tightly around her. Suddenly he felt so guilty for not thinking about how Cristina would feel once he decided to stop talking to her for a couple of days, so he would not spoil the surprise. The whole time he was looking forward to the moment he would see her again and it never even crossed his mind, that keeping Cristina in the dark may not be the best idea.

"It's okay," Cristina mumbled into Jackson's chest, not wanting to admit how worried she actually was about the possibility of him breaking up with her. She didn't want it to seem like she was overacting. "But you have to promise me to not pull something like that on me again."

"Cross my heart hope to die." Jackson smiled and gave Cristina a light kiss. He really was sorry for his plan not working out the way he wanted it to, but it was too late to change it now. "Is there a way to make it up to you?"

"Hmmm." Cristina looked up at Jackson with a tiny smirk on her face. "There is one. And it starts with us getting a shower together." She winked at him and got up from of the bed, grabbing his hand and pulling him towards the bathroom with her. It would take a lot of steamy sex for her to forget about the incident, but she was going to enjoy every second of it.

"You know that watching someone sleep is creepy, right?" Cristina mumbled with her eyes still closed. She had woken up a couple of minutes ago and ever since then she felt Jackson's eyes on her.

"It's not creepy if you're just admiring how beautiful your girlfriend is. And also you're clearly not asleep." Jackson smiled and softly kissed Cristina on the lips. He missed doing that in the morning so much. "Good morning by the way."

"Good morning," she replied and finally opened her eyes as she rolled over and rested her chin on Jackson's bare chest, looking up at him with a smile. She was not an early bird but waking up next to her naked boyfriend made mornings much better. "You drifted off like a baby last night," Cristina said with laugh. Once they finished a rather hot shower together, they lay in the bed and Jackson immediately fell asleep before they even had a chance to talk some more. But she couldn't blame him. After all when she arrived to Europe sleeping was all she wanted to do.

"Sorry about that. I was really tired from the travelling and you took care of drowning out the last of my energy." Jackson laughed as he remembered the previous night and the intense love making in the shower.

"Well we haven't been together for three months. You really couldn't expect me to wait until morning." Cristina grinned at him.

"I don't blame you. I couldn't wait either. We still have a lot of making up to do," he said and pressed another kiss to her lips. He missed doing that so much.

"Well how much time we have for that?" Cristina asked as she pulled away a little. Jackson still didn't tell her much about his visit of Europe and she was more than curious. "Because you still haven't told me when you're leaving. Not that I'm looking forward it," she added the last sentence to not make Jackson think she wasn't happy to have him there. She definitely was, but she was also kind of scared of the moment he was going to leave again. Saying goodbye once was hard enough.

"I haven't told you because… I'm not leaving," Jackson answered simply and a small smile appeared on his face. He couldn't wait to tell this to Cristina and see her reaction.

"What?" Cristina's eyes wide opened, not being sure whether she heard it correctly or whether it was just the answer she wanted to hear. She wanted Jackson to stay more than anything, but that wasn't realistic, was it? Jackson had his work back in Seattle. His paintings he had to finish. It was the reason why he couldn't go with her in the first place.

"You don't seem really happy," Jackson said, a bit taken aback by Cristina's reaction. It was not what he expected.

"I'm just shocked. I was mentally preparing myself that eventually you'll leave again. But now that I know you won't and I couldn't be happier about it." A huge smile spread across her face as the initial shock faded away a bit. She really didn't want it to seem like she wasn't happy about Jackson staying with her for the rest of her trip around Europe. After all it was all she wished for ever since she got the offer. And now it was finally coming true. "I thought you still had those paintings to finish."

"Yeah, well it turned out that with you on the other side of the world, I had too much free time to kill and I finished the paintings much sooner than I expected," he explained.

"Are you saying I'm slowing you down?" Cristina glared at him, suppressing laugh as she tried to look mad.

"No. I'm just saying that with you around I have much more entertaining but less productive things to do," Jackson whispered as he sneaked his arms around Cristina.

"Well now that you're here, we can do a lot of those entertaining things," Cristina said and winked at him playfully, running her hand up his chest.

"We definitely can." Jackson laughed as he pressed Cristina to the bed again, kissing her and wondering how he survived three months without her.

"Dear lord, these pancakes are delicious," Jackson mumbled with full mouth after he put a forkful of pancakes into his mouth. He and Cristina decided that instead of going down to the hotel dining room they would order the food to their room and have breakfast in bed. It was something they liked to do at home, but the mess it caused in the bed was always annoying. Thankfully since they were in a hotel they didn't really have to care about that.

"Well after the ones I made you for your birthday every pancakes taste like heaven." Cristina laughed, still feeling a bit embarrassed about the disastrous breakfast she prepared for Jackson on his birthday.

"I just remembered something. I totally forgot to give you your present yesterday," Jackson exclaimed all of sudden and jumped out of the bed, rushing to his suitcase that he left next to the door the night before. If Cristina didn't mention his birthday he would totally have forgotten about the present he brought for her.

"My present?" Cristina raised her eyebrows in surprise.

"Yeah, your birthday present. Or did you think I wasn't gonna give you anything?" Jackson asked with laugh as he was looking through his suitcase, trying to remember where he put it.

"I thought that you coming here was present enough," she said, knowing it sounded kinda cheesy. But it was true. Nothing that could Jackson send her would be better than him actually coming to Europe and staying there with her for the rest of the trip.

"Well it wasn't. Not to me. Because I also got you something else," he said with a small smile as he finally found a small box in his suitcase and got back to the bed, handing it to Cristina. "I know you're not too into jewelry, but once I saw this I thought it was the perfect gift for you. So I hope you like it."

Cristina gave him a once over as he handed her the box, wondering what was inside of it, hoping she wouldn't be disappointed. Not that she wouldn't believe Jackson's skills in picking something for her. But to Cristina getting a present you don't like from someone you love was one of the most awkward situations you could get into. So she preferred either not getting any gifts or picking them herself. "That's so beautiful," she shrieked once she opened the box and saw a small camera shaped locket inside it. Jackson was right that Cristina wasn't really a jewelry type, but it was mostly because she had never found something that she would feel comfortable wearing. Something that would suit her perfectly. But this, this seemed like the perfect fit for her and the worries about getting a wrong gift quickly disappeared.

A bright smile spread across Jackson's face when he saw that Cristina liked the present. He had been thinking about what to get her for a several weeks and he had no idea what to go for, but once he saw the locket in a window display of a jewelry store he knew it was the perfect gift for her. And it seemed like he was right. "It's a locket. Open it."

Cristina gave him a questioning look, but she couldn't wait to see what Jackson put inside it. She quickly opened it and the smile on her face widened even more. On the inside there was a photo of her and Jackson that Meredith took months ago. Cristina completely forgot that the photo even existed. "This is perfect, Jackson. I really love it," she said and gave him a long kiss, before putting the locket in his hand and turning around so he could help her put it on.

"It looks even more beautiful on you than I expected," Jackson said once Cristina turned back to him. He was relieved that she liked his gift. At first he was planning to mail it to her, but once he found out he would be able to come to Europe the day of her birthday, he decided to give it to her in person to be able to see her reaction. "Now eat up, we have a lot of stuff to do today."

"Oh, do we?" Cristina asked, unaware of Jackson's plans for the day.

"Yeah. Or did you think I could come to Berlin and not visit places the Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin Wall or the Charlottenburg Palace? Oh, and the Museum Island! How could I call myself an artist and not visit some of the museums here?"

"Are you gonna be like this all the time?" Cristina asked with laugh, when she saw how excited Jackson looked about the idea of sightseeing.

"Yes." Jackson nodded. "I already have a list of all the places I want to visit. But don't worry you're gonna love it."